Intelligent Wave : Shared Research report updated.

Cumulative Q3 FY06/22 results (out May 6, 2023) Cumulative Q3 FY06/22 results In cumulative Q3 FY06/22, the company reported sales of JPY7.8bn (-2.9% YoY), operating profit of JPY944mn (+39.1% YoY), recurring profit of JPY965mn (+38.5% YoY), and net income of JPY659mn (+39.9% YoY). Progress versus plan: Versus the company’s full-year FY06/22 forecast, cumulative Q3 sales reached 65.3% (72.1% of full-year result in Q3 FY06/21), operating profit 71.5% (60.0%), recurring profit 70.9% (59.5%), and net income 70.